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Cost effective lodging for your horse between breeding seasons or race preparations.

Float rebates apply for any horse requiring an extended spell.

A $200 float rebate applies to any horse that needs to spell for a period of 16 weeks or more. This rebate will be credited to your final invoice.

Wet mare: $17.60
Dry mare: $15.50
Spelling: $15.50
Weanlings: $16.50
Yearlings: $15.50
Discounts apply – float rebate for long term spelling
Including GST.

Allandale Park provides an allday buffet of oats, hays and grasses providing energy, vitamins and minerals, protein and carbohydrates for your horse whether they be growing into a racehorse, maturing for breeding, repairing and recovering between race preparations or nurturing an unborn racehorse.

In the hills above Bathurst, the air is always crisp and clean, the water is fresh and cool, and the big paddocks just roll on and on!

Allandale Park is situated at Hobbys Yards, high in the hills above the city of Bathurst. While Bathurst is 670 metres above sea-level, at Hobbys Yards we are nearly 1000 metres above sea-level. The nearby town of Blayney is 900 metres above and neighbouring Mount Canobolas is 1395 metres above, so, yes, we're definitely in the high country!

Horses thrive here because it's very peaceful and they are very contented. It's everything you would imagine high country to be...clear skies, towering gums, rolling hills, abundant water, clean air, flocks of native birds and the odd kangaroo or two. Our pastures are regularly supered and carefully managed. All horses at Allandale Park are hand-fed daily.

Allandale Park is a fully equipped thoroughbred stud. Mare and foal care is one of our speciality areas.

At Allandale Park, our smallest paddock is 4 acres and our largest is 60 acres. Solitude is not a natural state for herd animals, and horses spelling here really appreciate the freedom of our big paddocks and running with companions in small mobs. Colts are an exception, and we have secure spelling facilities to accommodate them.

Horses Raised and Bred at Allandale Park earning over $30,000

Name Sire earnings Wins
Platelet Strategic $1,396,250 10
Don Raphael Runyon $464,010 8
Tokamac Diogenes $293,450 9
Lady Of Harrods Dubawi (IRE) $277,460 3
Sky Biscuit Sky Chase (NZ) $247,015 14
Want a bet Sky Chase (NZ) $231,390 10
Carry On Singing Carry The Crown (CAN) $197,985 7
Skyleda Sky Chase (NZ) $165,980 8
Star of Universe 191 starts 21-22-23 Sky Chase (NZ) $160,245 21
Canterdown Sakana $146,360 14
Peniki Park Sky Chase (NZ) $124,200 5
Heavenly Lark Sky Chase (NZ) $121,320 7
Timberlands Timber Trader (NZ) $111,615 3
Red and Black Sakana $95,080 17
Delta Eagle Sky Chase (NZ) $88,075 6
Piney Creek Sakana $76,850 9
Solid Mandala Been There $72,110 10
Garswood Gamble Sakana $63,100 13
Foragrand Shags $62,150 7
Sakana Star Sakana $60,225 12
Sky Larking Sky Chase (NZ) $51,300 4
Desert Shaker Stimulet $48,850 6
Jetliner Great Quest (NZ) $46,036 5
Intravenous Econsul $45,930 2
Faux Par Sakana $43,425 10
In Extreme Sky Chase (NZ) $41,830 5
Onyegin Foxhound (USA) $38,600 3
Temperate Prince Carry The Crown (CAN) $37,740 7
Helluva Dancer Sakana $37,050 4
Clever Shot Savage Toss (ARG) $36,930 4
Binaway Been There $36,860 4
Chic Olivia Carry The Crown (CAN) $34,700 4
Juste a Miss Danajaya $34,350 6
Midgy Gharrat Diogenes $34,000 1
Was There Been There $33,648 3
Rivagio Strands $33,000 3
Been There's Best Been There $32,525 4
Truce on Ice Bootleg $32,300 3
Sareign Sakana $31,950 8
Been Dreaming Been There $31,620 6

Bold = Proudly wearing the 'EK'